Chocolate Dippers Recipe

February 1st, 2016 • Posted by Jenniferalise Patterson • Permalink

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to show your sweetie how much she means to you than with a little something sweet!

Chocolate dippers are an easy way to swirl sweet flavor into coffee, tea or hot chocolate. On a day devoted to romance, giving something chocolate is definitely the way to go! They’re simple to make and are an adorable gift to give for any occasion! Here’s how. You’ll need:

Chocolate for melting- either chips or melting discs

Flavor Oil (I used Cinnamon, but Chocolate Hazelnut or Cappuccino would be delicious too!)

Honey Spoons

Cello Bags

2.5” Circle Brown Kraft Labels

Natural Raffia Ribbon

The brown Kraft labels are so easy to use and really finish off a homemade gift. Be sure to include the flavor on the label when you print them so that your recipient knows what they have to look forward to!

The honey spoons are about as long as a dinner fork and made of wood. They’re the perfect size for swirling in a coffee mug and can be reused after the chocolate has melted off (either re-dipped or used for honey!).

Melt the chocolate according to the package instructions. I melted about 2 cups of discs. Stir the flavor oil into the chocolate until completely incorporated. Coat the bulb of the honey spoon by slowly rotating the handle while the spoon is submerged in the melted chocolate. Once covered, hold the spoon above the chocolate and gently twirl the handle to let the excess chocolate drip off. Place the dipped honey spoons upright on a piece of parchment or wax paper to cool and harden. This next step is optional- the dippers look and taste wonderful just as they are after dipping. BUT- you can dress them up a little more if you’d like by melting a few white chocolate discs or chips and drizzling the white chocolate over the dark chocolate. Package each dipper in a cello bag and finish with a little natural raffia ribbon and a tag for the PERFECT little treat!

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